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We take a limited number of elk hunters to sustain a high quality wildlife harvest and provide the best possible experience for our hunters.

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks (MFWP) hunting regulations and dates are released in March of each year. Please check the MFWP website for confirmation of season dates.

Archery Elk Hunting in Montana

Elk Archery Season

We offer wilderness and private land hunts during archery season. Archery season begins the first Saturday in September and runs through mid-October. Archery hunters must have a bow and arrow license for the archery-only season. If you are an archer, we can show you some excellent archery country.

Archery Wilderness Hunts

Our archery wilderness hunts are in rugged, rigorous country, typical of the great hunting areas in North America. The elk in this area are a resident and migratory herd. The area is rough and remote, which allows the elk the years necessary to develop quality antlers. The landscape varies from large open meadows to lightly timbered south slopes and long benches.

These are 7-day hunts (day in, 5 days hunting on horseback, day out). A typical day of hunting consists of breakfast, saddling up, and riding out of camp before daybreak. Some days we will hunt until late morning, return to camp, and then hunt again in the late afternoon until dark. Other days we will stay out all day. Walking and/or riding are mandatory. Being in good condition for hiking and riding will help you have a more successful hunt. We will hunt as hard as you choose to hunt. Our guides are experienced outdoorsmen who know the area extremely well.

Our back-country archery camp, Independence, is located 55 miles south of Big Timber at head of the Boulder River. Independence is accessed by 4×4 vehicles or horseback. Accommodations include a comfortable tent camp with a seasoned camp cook.

Season: View information packet
Location: Independence Camp
Accommodations: tent camp and meals provided
Trip Length: 7 days: 1 day in, 5 days hunting, 1 day out
Price: $5,700 per hunter, 2×1 horseback hunt
License needed for elk and deer: General Big Game Combination, Bow & Arrow License
License deadline: April 1st
Other license options: black bear & wolf -over the counter
License deadline: Fall Black bear – August 31 / Wolf – check MFWP website

Private Land Hunts

Our private land archery hunts are on select ranches near Big Timber, MT and the Lazy E-L Ranch in Roscoe, MT. These ranch hunts are 7-day hunts (arrival day, 5 days hunting, departure day). All of these ranches are hunted with a general license. Accommodations are in a lodge with meals provided.

Big Timber Ranches

The Big Timber Ranch hunts are located just minutes outside of Big Timber, MT on thousands of acres of rolling hills with flowing creeks. Elk and deer roam the countryside in healthy populations. All of the Big Timber ranches are hunted with a General License. We take a limited number of hunters to provide the best hunting experience. A great benefit to hunting the Big Timber Ranches is the opportunity to hunt multiple ranches depending on the movement of the elk.

ELK (priority) DEER
Archery Season: September 7-October 20, 2019
Hunt #1: Sept 6-12
Hunt #2: Sept 14-20
Hunt #3: Sept 22-28
Hunt #4: Sept 29-Oct 5
Hunt #5: Oct 6-12
Location: Big Timber Ranches
Accommodations: lodge, meals provided
Trip Length: 7 days: arrival day, 5 days hunting, departure day
Price: $5,700 per hunter 2×1 hunt / $7,200 per hunter 1×1 hunt
License needed: Most of the Big Timber Ranches are hunted with a General Big Game Combination License for elk and deer. A few of the ranches are special elk permit areas. We encourage you to apply for the special permit unit along with your General Big Game Combo license. You will also need a Bow & Arrow License.
Special Permit Area for Elk: 900-20
License deadline: March 15th

The Divide Ranch

The Divide Ranch is a rarity. The ranch offers archery hunters a unique trophy hunting opportunity with a General License. This hunt focuses on trophy opportunity for elk, mule deer, and whitetail deer. The distinct topography provides a game friendly habitat that is sustained by thoughtful land management and wildlife conservation. We use a combination of 4-wheelers, hiking, and horses for this special hunt.

Hunts: View information packet
Location: The Divide Ranch
Accommodations: lodge, meals provided
Trip Length: 7 days: arrival day, 5 days hunting, departure day
Price: 2×1: $6,700, 1×1:$7500 per hunter
License needed: The Divide Ranch is hunted with a General Big Game Combination License. However, a small portion of the ranch is a special permit area. You will also need a Bow & Arrow License.
License deadline: April 1st

Hunts: View information packet
Location: The Divide Ranch
Accommodations: lodge, meals provided
Trip Length: 7 days: arrival day, 5 days hunting, departure day
Price: $10,500 per hunter
License needed: The Divide Ranch is hunted with a General Big Game Combination License.  You will also need a Bow & Arrow License.
License deadline: April 1st

Lazy E-L Ranch

The Lazy E-L is a family owned ranch nestled at the foot of the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness just outside Roscoe, Montana. With 12,000 acres of land and 5 miles of river frontage, wildlife abounds in this spectacular, unspoiled setting. The ranch offers a high-quality hunt with opportunity for harvesting respectable size elk. This combination elk hunt is a 7-day hunt (arrival day, 5 days hunting, departure day). We hunt 1 guide to 2 hunters and take only 6 hunters per hunt for rifle and 2-4 hunters per hunt for archery. In addition to being a good place to hunt, the beauty and history of the Lazy E-L Ranch is movie set worthy .

Hunts: View information packet
Location: The Lazy E-L Ranch
Accommodations: lodge, meals provided
Trip Length: 7 days: arrival day, 5 days hunting, departure day
Price: $5700 per hunter, 2×1 hunt, 4 hunters per week
License needed: General Elk Combination License, Bow & Arrow License
License deadline: April 1st

Learn more about what’s included, dates and travel arrangements. Download our Wilderness Hunting Guide.
Download our Wilderness Hunting Packet
For specific information about our partner ranches, please download our Private Land Ranch information guide.
Private land hunting guide - Archery

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Licensing Information for Elk Hunting

For Private Land hunting, non-residents must apply for a big game or elk combination license through the Montana drawing system. You may apply for a special permit at the same time you apply for the general draw. Residents must hold a valid elk license to apply for a special elk permit.

General licensing information

Important Information for Resident and Non-Resident Hunters before applying for hunting licenses

If you were born after January 1, 1985, you are required to show proof of completing a Montana hunter safety and education course or an approved hunter safety course from any other state or province prior to applying for or purchasing a hunting license whether the hunting license is for rifle or archery.

All first time bow and arrow license purchasers must enter their bowhunter education certificate number (NBEF) or a previous years archery license number from any state or province.

If you intend to purchase a black bear license for the first time, you need to have passed the FWP Bear Identification test. It can be found online at FWP’s website. Click on Education, then Hunter Education. Choose Bear Identification Program.

All licenses requiring a kill tag such as deer, elk, wolf, mountain lion, mountain goat, antelope, etc. will be mailed to you from MFWP. Make sure the address you used when you applied for or purchased your license is the address to which you want your license mailed. If your purchase included a combination license, then the conservation & fishing portion of that will also be mailed to you. Always print a copy of your application and receipt. This is your proof of application. Once the draws are posted you will want to be checking your mail to be sure you receive your license. If you do not receive your license within 3 weeks of the posted draw, call MFWP and let them know. Licenses purchased online not requiring a kill tag must be printed from your home printer. These licenses which are now in your physical possession are valid for immediate use.

If you need to purchase licenses for yourself and immediate family members, you must do so in separate transactions and provide the appropriate identification required for each individual.

Non-residents who do not have an ALS number established and are purchasing a conservation license for the first time must be prepared to provide the last 4 digits of their social security number per Montana Code Annotated to comply with the Federal Welfare Reform Law. A conservation license is required when purchasing a hunting or fishing license.

Read the full licensing information Collapse

Hunting Deposit & Payment Policy

A partial deposit of $1000 is required to book your hunt. If you do not draw a license, the $1000 partial deposit will be rolled over to the following year, if space is available, or refunded. The drawing takes place in mid-April. The remainder of the deposit (50% of the cost of the hunt) is due when the draw is posted and is non-refundable. The balance of the hunt is due 30 days prior to your hunt and is non-refundable. Hunts not fully paid by this date will be considered cancelled. We recommend Trip Cancellation Insurance. Montana Outfitters & Guides Association suggests Global Rescue Travel Insurance. 

All hunts will include an additional fee of $50 for the Hunter/Angler Defense Fund. This fund was set up by Montana Outfitters & Guides Association for the purpose of defending non-resident hunting and fishing rights in the State of Montana. (Information on HADF can be found in the General Hunting Information Packet.)

We accept Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard only) and Checks. Make Checks Payable to: Absaroka-Beartooth Outfitters, Inc.

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